No matter where we come from or are headed, there are certain universal truths in being human. My work lives in the world of memories that linger in the peripheral, fragments of time told through memoir and images. It is intensely personal yet strives to address sociological and cultural commonalities such as the search for home, and whether that is place or spirit. Materiality and material exploration in relation to context are paramount in my practice, and I use whatever medium best expresses the concept I am trying to address at the time.

Recurring themes of tension are often represented in my work with stringing and stretching of various materials to address the way we feel stretched thin and pulled in various directions, as well as to speak to barriers and connections between people.

In my recent work I have been focused on the world of the body and how it functions, and how our manufactured environment mirrors that natural structure. Parts of the body are loaded with inherent meaning and fragmenting body parts work to draw attention to the issues often associated with that isolated area.

Up to this point my creative exploration has largely been fueled by own relationship with how nerve damage from Spina Bifida has affected my physicality and my desire to come to terms with this.